''Rhodes Spoon'' Wins Dorry Award for Best Public Art 2019

ArtPalmBeach 2020

January 30th – February 3, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Domenic’s ”FDA Spoon” has been selected for exhibition at the 2020 Edition of the highly regarded ArtPalmBeach fair. Click here to learn more. 

Domenic will also host a panel discussion at the fair on Sunday, February 2nd at 1pm. 

Art and activism at work; changing the social landscape to combat the opioid crisis

The panel discussion will center on the Opioid crisis and how this human-made epidemic was created and how, as a society, we can put an end to this horrific disease. The panel will also discuss how “The Opioid Spoon Project” can operate at the intersection of art and social change.

Panelists: Domenic Esposito,  and Andrew Burki, Chief Public Policy Officer for the Hanley Foundation.


Domenic Esposito


Founder, The Opioid Spoon Project

“A Vital, artist-led but all-inclusive project promoting awareness and change in the Opioid Crisis that has devastated countless lives and families around the world. Giving the Victims and Survivors of this tragedy a community and a unified voice, The Opioid Spoon Project seeks Justice and True Accountability for the architects of this Global Epidemic “

“We will serve as the voice of truth, solutions and as a platform for constructive social change and legal accountability for the opioid epidemic and the deadly and destructive effects it has on people from all walks of life.”

Click to read full Mission Statement


”Domenic has by himself with truth, conviction and strength of heart and the love he carries has supported US. The US, being the moms, dads, loved ones suffering the greatest loss- the loss of our children, spouses, brothers and sisters. His love is truthful and from the heart. I thank you Dom., for allowing me to honor my son through a transparent and honorable Project. They needed you far more than you ever needed them. Yet, I see a few of those here.
This is what ACTION, SUCCESS looks like.
All my love-

We won’t be silent. #MyTribe ”

”This is such a national crisis. It takes fearless men and women to make bold statements such as this. Change will come. Be part of the solution like Domenic. 💜

”The spoon is an unforgettable symbol of the children we have lost to drug overdose at the hands of the greedy.”

Some of the organizations we have partnered with

The Opioid Spoon Project is a 501(c)(3) Registered Charity. 


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