It is with tremendous hope for the future and honor for the past the The Opioid Spoon Project announces its participation in The National Overdose Awareness Candlelight Vigil. Hosted by Mission Recovery and Hope and Gates to Recovery, this event takes place on Sunday August 30th, beginning at 7.30pm at Highland Park, near the Crime Victims’s Memorial. 

Domenic Esposito’s now Internationally-Celebrated Memorial Artwork, The Opioid Spoon will be on view. Candles will be provided to celebrate the lives of those who have lost their battle with addiction, as well as to symbolize the Hope and Light that organisations such as Mission Recovery and Hope; Gates to Recovery and The Opioid Spoon Project provide in the midst of the Opioid Crisis. 


As we all continue to face the realities of these strange and challenging times, OSP sincerely hopes you are staying healthy and safe.  While we all struggle to navigate an uncertain world during this pandemic, we must remember that the Opioid Crisis rages on. 

Our efforts to shine a light on those responsible for the Opioid Crisis have by necessity been placed on hold, until our Nation returns to some kind of daily normalcy, albeit a new ‘normal’. However, we are working hard to ensure that we are ready to resume our mission via new spoon drops, honor tours and other activities, as soon as we are able to do so safely. 

The Covid-19 pandemic is without any doubt taking a toll on everyone, so we encourage you to reach out to one another for comfort, and do not forget that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. We know that all of our communities are strong, and that those who have been particularly hard-hit by the Opioid Crisis are no strangers to tragedy. Nor are they strangers to the hope and unity that can arise from times of great sorrow and loss. In the days that come, we must stay together, even if that means being apart. We will get through this, just as the OSP will never give up the fight to end the Opioid Crisis. 

Domenic will continue to conduct live feeds/interviews from his studio occasionally, and we will post updates on our upcoming activities on our social media channels. We are thankful and grateful for your continued dedication and support, and look forward to better days ahead. Stay apprised of your State’s latest Covid-19 guidelines, as they change often. Above all stay safe, and continue to do everything you can to keep others safe.


Domenic Esposito


Founder, The Opioid Spoon Project

“A Vital, artist-led but all-inclusive project promoting awareness and change in the Opioid Crisis that has devastated countless lives and families around the world. Giving the Victims and Survivors of this tragedy a community and a unified voice, The Opioid Spoon Project seeks Justice and True Accountability for the architects of this Global Epidemic “

“We will serve as the voice of truth, solutions and as a platform for constructive social change and legal accountability for the opioid epidemic and the deadly and destructive effects it has on people from all walks of life.”

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”Domenic has by himself with truth, conviction and strength of heart and the love he carries has supported US. The US, being the moms, dads, loved ones suffering the greatest loss- the loss of our children, spouses, brothers and sisters. His love is truthful and from the heart. I thank you Dom., for allowing me to honor my son through a transparent and honorable Project. They needed you far more than you ever needed them. Yet, I see a few of those here.
This is what ACTION, SUCCESS looks like.
All my love-

We won’t be silent. #MyTribe ”

”This is such a national crisis. It takes fearless men and women to make bold statements such as this. Change will come. Be part of the solution like Domenic. 💜

”The spoon is an unforgettable symbol of the children we have lost to drug overdose at the hands of the greedy.”

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The Opioid Spoon Project is a 501(c)(3) Registered Charity. 


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